Client List (Partial)

Bands/ Solo Performers:

Foreverland (14 piece Michael Jackson tribute): Live Sound Mixing; Live Multitrack Recording

Stratford 4 (alt/indie): Studio Album recording/ mixing

Charmless (alt/indie): EP studio/ location recording/ mixing

Wild Decade/ Bad Bibles (alt/indie): Album/ EP/ Singles studio/ location/ live recording/ mixing

Kpants (alt/indie): Album remixing

Ramblin' Jack Elliot (folk): live sound/ live recording

Tiny Television (alt-country): live sound

Free Sax (improv jazz): location album recording

77 El Deora (alt-country): studio tracking

Calamity and Main (alt-country): studio tracking

Real Sippin' Whiskies (alt-country): studio tracking/ mixing

Sea Knight (alt/ indie): studio tracking

Gentlemen (alt/ indie): bass, studio recording, mixing

Spidermeow (alt/ country/ psychedelic) bass, studio recording, mixing, mastering

Larry Kassin (jazz): digital transfers and restoration; studio & location recording

Tara Linda (southwestern torch): studio recording & overdubs

The Famous (alt-country): Live sound and location recording

Your Mother (punk): studio album recording and mixing

Reclinerland (alt/indie): Bass, Studio recording and mixing, mastering

Parks and Recreation (alt/ indie): Studio recording, mastering

Above The Orange Trees (alt/indie): bass, studio recording, mixing, mastering

Christian Kiefer (out there): mastering, bass

LSD and the Search For God (alt-psychedelic): studio recording, editing, mixing

Sciflyer (alt-psychedelic): studio recording

Fleetwood Mask (fleetwood mac tribute): live sound mixing

Notorious (high energy '80s): live sound mixer

Jim Lauderdale (singer/songwriter): live sound mixer/ live recording

The Swell Season (from the Film Once): live sound mixer/ live recording

Kelly McFarling (alt-country): live sound mixer/ live recording

Andiamo (progressive rock): bass/ studio recording/ mixing

Kyra Brown (alt/indie): bass/ studio recording/ mixing

Collisionville (alt-country): studio recording

Truxton (alt/indie): studio recording

StringFire (Scottish fiddle/ line): recording/ mixing/ consulting

McAllisters (alt-country): studio recording/ mixing

Sharon Kraus (English traditional): studio recording/ mixing/ bass

David Kimber (acoustic solo guitar): studio recording / mixing

Belsaw (Irish traditional/ country): bass/ studio recording/ mixing

Sasha and the Shamrocks (alt/indie): mastering

Davin Bogan (alt/indie): bass/ mastering

The Klack (alt/indie): studio recording/ mixing

Jim Paul (alt/indie): mastering

See Jane Run (alt/indie): studio recording/ mixing/ live sound mixing

Rosewood Drive (alt/indie): location recording/ mixing

Richard Turgeon (alt/indie): bass/ studio recording

Tender Few (alt/indie): bass/ studio recording/ mixing

Excuses for Skipping (alt/indie): studio recording/ mixing

Blue Gum Art (alt/indie): studio recording/ mixing

The Rabbles (alt/indie/psychedelic): studio recording/ mixing

Squeaky Fromme (punk): studio recording/ mixing

Gerald Ford Superstar (punk): mastering

Slave Unit (Industrial): studio recording



Voice Over Recording

Smarter Medical Care (medical education): location recording/ consulting/ mastering

Sara Lindsey Voice Overs (corporate VO): Studio recording/ mixing

Clear Channel (corporate megaligh): Voiceover recording

JD Productions (advertising agency): Voiceover recording

PhilM films (independent film): voiceover/ location/ scoring

Moondragon Pictures (documentary film): location recording and mixing


Venues/ Production Companies:

Erickson Sound Productions (production company): audio engineer/ live sound mixer

Noe Valley Music Series (concert series): audio engineer/ live sound mixer

Owl Fest (music festival): live sound mixer

Emeryville Public Market (venue): audio engineer/ live sound mixer/ emcee

St Cyprians Episcopal Church (venue): audio engineer/ live sound mixer


Consulting/ Misc.:

Richard Turgeon (author): technical editor Indie Rock 10 (web music powerhouse): audio production system consulting

San Francisco Art Institute (college): acoustics & equipment consultant